International Academy of Cheese Making Art

The International Academy of Cheese Making Art was founded in 2011 from the cooperation between Perenzin Latteria  and the Rural Families Association  of the left side of Piave river, following the enthusiastic training project carried out in Chipilo, a small city in the state of Puebla, Mexico.


The International Academy of Cheese Making Art is a non-profit association promoting all aspects related to the cheese making art. The courses take place in a real work environment and aim at quickly making the most of the technical concepts learnt during lessons.

The courses

The Next date: from 16th to 21st October 2017

One-week course that provides for a detailed study of the cheese-making art, with practical and theoretic lessons. Milk processing techniques are analyzed in depth allowing for the production of any type of cheese, using any milk type.

Among the topics of the course are production techniques, dairy products marketing, differences between types of milk and cheese, how to set up and dimension a small dairy.


Practical lessons are held by Carlo Piccoli - master cheese maker and consultant with a 30-year experience, winner of the “Best Cheese Professional” award in 2012 at the Alma Caseus 2012 contest.

The educational syllabus is completed with the collaboration of a few other professionals, who can provide specific notions and give suggestions on how to become experts in artisanal milk processing.

The one week course is held at the Latteria Perenzin dairy from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and provides all instruments to become a proper cheese making professional.

A certificate of attendance will be provided to all participants at the end of the course.



The project aims at promoting the old and artisanal cheese-making craft, which is getting lost and deserves to be promoted with constant commitment.

Research, study, education, the promotion and diffusion of the Cheese Making Art and its practical instruments are the aims that the Academy set itself and wants to pass over.


Cheese making is one of the Italian crafts of excellence that has helped economy grow during years, considering the importance of cattle-breeding and agribusiness in Italy. Cheese culture characterizes Italian cuisine and is critical for the success of dairy, artisanal and food products in general all over the world.

The Cheese-maker

An ancient craft

The agricultural and cattle-breeding sector requires specialized personnel working with passion and dedication to bring the necessary innovation and enhance the excellence of Italian cheese tradition.

The Academy addresses operators of the cheese, restaurant and food sector, who want to increase their knowledge of cheese making, in particular young people wanting to learn the basis of a fruitful profession.

Carlo Piccoli, master cheese-maker

"Quel del formajo"

Master cheese maker and consultant, Carlo Piccoli  shows passion and dedication to milk processing, and the will to transmit an artisanal craft which is now disappearing. These are the reasons behind the idea of founding an association. Transmitting know-how and expertise is not a skill of everybody, as most cheese makers are jealous of their recipes and methods.

Carlo maintains that: “Always more people should be induced to make “Quality”, otherwise this wonderful dairy reality will last only as long as the old generation will still be willing to make cheese. It is not a matter of generating possible competitors, as there is always room for people that work well. On the other hand, if bad cheeses are produced by improvised cheese makers, the whole market will suffer”.


Carlo Piccoli  – master cheese maker and consultant, both in Italy and abroad, winner of the “Best Cheese Professional” award in 2012 at the Alma Caseus (Cibus 2012) contest – directly follows all artisanal production processes carried out at the dairy Perenzin Latteria, thanks to his thirty-year experience in the whole dairy chain: milk collection and processing, cheese ripening, refining and retailing.

With the knowledge acquired during time, and the benefit of having attended training and refresher courses held by specialists in cheese making technology, he has become a leading expert in artisanal cheese production, and is also a holder of the ONAF “ master cheese taster” diploma.


From 2012 more than 10 one-week courses and several 2-day courses have been organised. The collaboration with various voluntary and training associations has been consolidated , and new ideas and projects have been developed.

The Academy is not a school, but a benchmark, where practice is the guideline, and students can comprehensively take advantage of a long time experience.

Consultancy Projects

Dimensioning structures, production and work volumes, analysing investments – all these items will be dealt with a serious and honest professional.

We are available by appointment to collaborate with any professionals pursuing quality, hosting them in our headquarters in Treviso, to start a work relation based on mutual confidence.

For information on our tariffs, please call during working hours at the following number:

+39 0438 21355 - ask for Sara, she will take care of your requests.


Cheese is alive matter, and it has to be cared of, with sentiment. And a professional helping you along!

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