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Training of aware and capable cheesemakers

The world of milk processing can give great personal, business and economic satisfaction. Yet without the right tools it can also become a sacrifice
which does not support the company and does not satisfy those who work there.
Our vocation is to give students the tools that allow them to have control of their business.


Cheese Production Expert

Carlo Piccoli is one of the leading experts in artisan cheese production. The knowledge acquired in almost forty years of work starts from the collection of milk at the stable, to the direct transformation in the dairy, to the study of different types of maturation for the improvement of the product, in search of refinements, to conclude with direct sale to the public. and participation in national and international fairs. Carlo then attended training and refresher courses held by the leading national experts in dairy technology.
He is a “master cheese taster” with an ONAF diploma.


Master Cheese Taster

giorgio piccolo



Training and consulting

Born in 1993, daughter of Brown cow breeders and Alpine dairymen since 2010, Irene started producing raw milk cheeses at the age of 16 and has never stopped.
Graduated in science and culture of gastronomy and catering at the University of Padua, she met Carlo Piccoli in 2015 during her university internship and have always collaborated ever since. After training at the Academy and at the Perenzin dairy, he worked as plant manager at Lattebusche and today he deals with training in public and private bodies and consultancy in artisan dairies.


Pasta Filata Cheeses

For over 15 years in the dairy and catering sector, I have chosen to specialize in the production of stretched curd cheeses and to integrate my services by also dealing with show cooking for events, consultancy and training.
Born in Andria, homeland of burrata and large dairies, after working for 10 years in them and after having supported my teacher Francesco B., I have chosen to bring this splendid art around Italy and the world .
In fact, I decided to attend a one-year course to acquire more knowledge and obtain the qualification of dairy production technician. Precisely this was my springboard that led me to make known the real
mozzarella and real burrata made in Japan, Russians, English, Germans, Arabs and more! In January 2018, I attended another course at the International Academy of Cheese Art to learn how to produce other types of cheeses, and the following month they launched a course on pasta filata cheeses, for which I am an external consultant. 

essential ingredients to create stretched curd cheeses

Time Manual skills Creativity

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Becoming a cheese maker

Collaborating with individuals, organizations and cultural organizations in the agri-food sector, the Academy offers theoretical-practical and limited number of lessons for the production of cheeses, yogurt, mozzarella, seasoning techniques and special refinements.